11th International Conference on Cycad Biology

NOTICE: Early Bird Registration has been extended to midnight, 1st of May 2018. (Note:  South Africa is UTC+2 time zone) Please register as soon as you can to take advantage of the reduced registration.

The deadline for Submission of Abstracts is 30 April 2018. Information on submissions is on the Instructions to Presenters page.



The first conference was held in 1987 in France and has been happening every three years since. It has grown and is usually held in a different country every time. Cycad 2021 will be in Cuba and will be one not to miss.

Cycad experts from many different countries are expected at the 11th International Conference on Cycad Biology and many fields of research will be covered. Although this is an academic conference, all are welcome. The talks are always informative and for those interested in more than just owning a cycad it will be a rewarding experience. This is where you can meet and make friends with cycad experts from over the world.

Conference Chair, Wynand van Eeden, Academic Chair, Dr Piet Vorster, and Treasurer, Frikkie Conradie, organises the activities and program.

The weeklong gathering starts on the 19th of August and ends with a farewell banquet on the 24th. Activities will include visits to the Lowveld Botanical Garden, Kruger National Park and habitat visits if enough interest is expressed.

The IUCN Species Survival Commission Cycad Specialist Group will meet the Sunday before the conference starts.

We are especially grateful to our educational sponsors, The Montgomery Botanical Center and the Colombian Cycad Society, which funded student participation in the conference – helping to develop the next generation of cycad experts!

We look forward to welcoming all delegates and hope you will have a pleasant stay in South Africa.