Instructions for Presenters


Abstracts for oral or poster presentations should be submitted using Easy Chair. The conference is listed as 11th ICCB.

To submit an abstract do the following:

1) Click here or on the link below to Easy Chair.
2) On the Easy Chair page select “create an account” if you do not have one. Fill in your information, submit and an e-mail message to verify your address will be sent to you.
3) Click on the link in the e-mail message, fill in the rest of your details and then you should get a message saying “To log in for 11th ICCB click here”.
4) Click on the conference link, 11th ICCB, log in and click on “enter as an Author”.
5) You are ready to submit


Link to Easy Chair to create an account.


Oral presentations can be up to 20 minutes, including time to address audience questions.

Posters can be up to 1 m wide and 1.2 m tall.



Completed manuscripts must be submitted for publication in the Proceedings, at the conference once the paper has been read. Please prepare your manuscript using the following guidelines:

1) Text only, no formatting.
2) The font should be Times New Roman, 11pt.
3) List authors first.
3) Titles should be numbered.
4) No embedded pictures but indicate in text where pictures should go.
5) At the end of the manuscript, list all pictures and tables with captions.
6) Clearly list figure numbers and associated file name of the picture.
7) Picture files should be high-resolution images, at least 300 dpi at required size.
8) The text file and graphs and images for manuscripts, should be compressed and send to Piet Vorster at or can be handed in at the conference.