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Visiting cycad populations in South Africa is becoming very difficult as most conservation authorities and many, if not most, landowners are reluctant to take people to existing populations due to the constant threat of poaching. However, travelling all the way to Africa and not seeing a specimen of Encephalartos in habitat is very disappointing and so we have asked for tours to be organised for international visitors only. These will be arranged with the necessary permission from authorities and relevant land owners.

The tours offered are as follows:


Pre-conference Tour to Northern Species : US$1650/person
28 people only

You must arrive in Johannesburg on or before August 12th, to take part in this tour. We depart from the Aviator Hotel the morning of the 13th August at 8:00am. The tour will end at the conference venue Sunday, 19 th of August. On this tour you will see E. middelburgensis, E. lanatus, E. eugene-maraisii, E. transvenosus, E. dyerianus, E. humilis, E. lebomboensis, E. laevifolius as well as E. relictus.

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For more information and to reserve a place on this tour, contact Fanie or Ina Vermaak at e-mail:


Post Conference Tour - Eastern Cape : US$1600
26 people only

This tour will start at the conference venue on Saturday, 25th of August. We will travel to Port Elizabeth via Johannesburg. The bus trip to Johannesburg and flight to Port Elizabeth is included in the cost of the tour. The last night's accommodation and flight back to Johannesburg or on to Cape Town is not included.

This tour will take you to see E. horridus, E. lehmannii (two forms), E. longifolius (three forms), E. arenarius, E. cycadifolius, E. princeps, E. caffer, E. friderici-guilielmi, E. altensteinii, E. trispinosus, "green" E. trispinosus (natural hybrid of E. trispinosus x E. altemnsteinii) and E. latifrons. Many other species will be seen that include bulbs, Dioscorea, Bowiea, Watsonia, various orchids as well as succulents like Haworthia and Euphorbia.

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For more information or to reserve your place on this tour, contact: Wynand van Eeden ( or Johan Kotze (


Post Conference Tour – Amafu Forest Lodge : US$1845
This tour is from Saturday, 25th August to Thursday 30 August and starts at the conference venue. Amafu is a private lodge owned by Steve Trollip. He has planted many cycads at the lodge, located on the northern Drakensberg. Many palm species are also represented.

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For more information or to reserve your place on this tour, contact: :